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  1. Hello everyone, it's Kerri-Ann, long time no blog!!

    I expect you are wondering where on earth i have been and why i haven't been blogging and instead been leaving all the blog posts to the amazing DT team...well i've been a little busy, more than a little i guess, Very busy!

    This year a lot of things changed for me, it was sudden and un-expected. It took it's tool on me and in all honestly my mental health took a downward turn. It took a while for me to pull myself back together again but with the help of Claire, Jon and my boys i pulled through and i'm slowly getting back into the swing of day to day life. 

    As you'll all know we launched our first range of Imagine Design Create stamps in April 2017, we have been over-whelmed by the response and i'm so grateful for all your support. Since then Claire, Jon and i have been designing non-stop, and not just stamps! Very soon we will be launching our new stencil range too. It is a dream come true getting to finally put out into the world all our designs and ideas, but it is also a big risk financially as Jon and i have invested a lot into getting things off the ground. We are very passionate about our business though and promise we will do everything we can to keep building on our Imagine Design Create brand and of course continue to run our little craft centre in Seaton, Devon. 

    I haven't had as much time as i would like to be crafting recently with all the behind the scenes work i've been doing designing new ranges, working on magazine projects and obviously having my sons home for the summer holidays but i'm going to make sure i get back to making more as soon as i can, here is one of my recent quick makes using the new Feeling Fruity stamp set, i love this set! 


    I'll round this blog up now, i'm sure i've bored you all with my blabbing on but i wanted to let you all know where i've been and what i've been up to! I am going to start using the Sunday blog space to keep you all up to date with what i've been up to, i'll let you know about any new You Tube videos i do and anything else exciting. 

    thanks again everyone for all your kind wishes and support, i couldn't do any of this without you. Much love and inky hugs, Kerri-Ann xx