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  1. Hello everyone, Kerri-Ann here today, 
    One of the first stamp sets i designed i was the A5 Birthday Balloons selection. I created this after many requests from customers visiting the shop asking for balloons that are large enough to be a focal point but that can also be used to create backgrounds.

    I really enjoyed creating them and i enjoy using them even more. They are fantastic for birthdays and celebrations, male / female and all ages.

    The three different sized solid balloons are fantastic for building up backgrounds. I like to start with the larger balloon in a light colour, then the medium with a slightly darker colour and finally the largest with the darkest colour. I have filmed a video using this technique and put it up on my You Tube it shows how to create the card sample in the photo above. If you would like to watch it you will find it here. 


    Hope you are all keeping warm in this cold weather, it has been freezing here and the boys and i have only just got over the flu. Thankfully we manged to enjoy one day of the snow but spent the rest snuggled up inside. The opening hours for the shop were a little all over the place last week due to illness and the snow but we will be back o normal next week hopefully! 

    Don't forget if you would like to keep up to date with me through the week you can find me on my personal blog too where i share all sorts of creative and family related things. We like to keep this blog full of all things Imagine Design Create so we dedicate it to the wonderful inspiration posts by our design team but Claire and i also have our personal blogs where we get up to lots of creative fun, be sure to check them out using the links below and following us would be a great support. 

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