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  1. Merry Christmas to you all, we here at Imagine Design Create HQ hope you are all spending the day in your favourite way.

    Kasia has pre prepared a project to share with us all, so i shall pass you over....


    I will try to tell you what I did to create this canvas. 

    I don’t have a step by step pictorial, simply because when I start a project and get so engrossed I forget to take photos.  

    finger canvas

    I started from adding random acrylic paints onto the canvas and I used my finger to spread then around. Whenerer I wanted them to be a bit ligter I added white gesso to ligthen the colour up. 

    I used my finger and white gesso to create the 5 baubles. When gesso was dried I stamped the Images inside. I used Never stop making wishes stamp set. I also used the IDC circle and squares  stencil. 

    To draw the outline of baubles and string use a black sharpie pen. 

    Have  a go and challenge yourself with a different technique and media.  

    Have fun learing and creating because that is all matter. 

    Much love