Mixed media squares - Messy crafting with Rounded squares stencil

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Hi, its Eli here again. Today I’m going to be sharing with you the process I used to make this back ground. 

I’m not going to lie to you it’s going to get very messy, but will be so much fun as well.

 mixed media cropped


What you’ll need: 


To start I took a piece of heavy white card stock from my stash and gave it a coat of white gesso, set this aside to dry while you get on with choosing your favourite colours of acrylic paint, Imagine Design Create have an amazing range to choose from. I chose two shades of turquoise, a dark purple and fuchsia, I also chose a metallic gold acrylic paint to accent.   

Here’s where the fun but very messy bit starts. Take one of your four main colours and squeeze blobs of colour over the cardstock, using your fingers as a paint brush move the colour around the page. Keep repeating this process with your paints until your page is full, don’t worry about cleaning your finger between paints as this can add some fantastic texture. When your satisfied with how your base layer looks set it aside to dry. 

mixed media mood board

While I waited I started to bring my stamps and stencils together, with the movement in the paint layer I thought uniformed lines would look great. Starting with the Circles and squares stencil and using two of your chosen four main colours, randomly apply the squares over the background using a sponge. Let this dry before stamping with the square stamp from the mini shapes and layers stamp set and the two versafine inks, I didn’t use and acrylic block to do this as I didn’t want it to have a solid outline. 

Next taking your accent acrylic colour and stencilling this through the rectangles/lines on both the circles and squares stencil and rounded squares stencil. Set this aside to dry. 

Mixed your accent colour with the texture paste and again apply this randomly over your background using a palette knife and the squares in the Circle and Squares stencil. After this had dried I found it a little too light in colour so I carefully painted some more over the top.    

From this background I made two squares by cutting my A4 card in half, taking that measurement and squaring both half’s. I did add a few more stripes from both the stencil sets at this point. I then used the left over from this to make two ATCs as well.  

This was so much fun to create, and I hope I’ve inspired you to crack open your acrylics and Imagine Design Create Stencils and masks and have a go for yourself. See you all again next week. Eli x    

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