​​Gelli Printing with Imagine Design Create stencils and masks

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Wednesday blog for Imagine Design Create. 

This week I have made a mini art journal using Gelli print papers I have made with Imagine Design Create stencils and masks and Distress oxide inks.

gelli print 1 a

Shopping list 

  • Circles 6x6 stencil/masks by Imagine Design Create 

  • Rounded Squares 6x6 stencil/masks by Imagine Design Create 

  • Star Frames 6x6 stencil/masks by Imagine Design Create 

  • Star Mix A6 stamp set by Imagine Design Create 

  • Distress Oxides by Tim Holtz 

  • Gelli Arts gel printing plate 

  • Brayer 

  • Smooth white paper/cardstock (I used 200gsm) 


To be completely honest I didn’t know when I pulled my stencils and gelli plate out where I was going with this project, all I knew was I just wanted to have fun playing around with my chosen mediums and see where it took me. As it turns out I ended up creating this little art journal and a few cards that used up the leftover prints from the art journal. 

The technique I used is very simple, I chose 3-4 colours of Oxides to use with each stencil/mask set, starting with the lightest colour each time working up to the darkest, I applied the ink directly to my gelli plate and smoothed over with my brayer for a uniformed coverage. I then took my stencil/masks and laid them over the top of the plate then place my paper on top and rubbed the back to pick up the ink. After I removed the paper and stencil/masks I then pulled a second ‘ghost print’ with another piece of paper. 

gelli print 1 f    

I carried on with this process making sure to move the stencil/masks to different places on the plate each time except for the star frames print. With this one I also used the Star Mix stamp set to remove some extra colour once I had applied the stencil/mask to my gelli plate by stamping on the plate with a clean stamp and the stamping off the excess. This created some lovely texture to this print which is why it ended up becoming the cover. 

 gelli print 1 g   gelli print 1 b

After I had finished I had a lovely set of prints which I cut down to the same size (roughly half a A4 sheet cut on the long side).I had 7 pieces that I then folded in half before gluing one backside of a page to the next pagemaking sure to line them up and then leaving something heavy on top till the glue dries. 

gelli print 1 c  gelli print 1 d

I cut the cover to the same depth but left the length longer so when I glued this to my completed pages I could leave a little extra for the spine and cover ‘flap’. The book tie was made from some coordination ribbon from my stash and I made the little bead dangle from small tear drop beads that I have sown together using the RAW bead weaving stitch. 

 gelli print 1 e  gelli print 1 b

I hope you have enjoyed todays blog. Stay tuned for next week’s blog when I will share the cards I have made from the ‘Left overs’ from this project. 

Eli xx 

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  1. Stunning, wonderful colours. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

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